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About Me

About Me

Super8bitRafa is a game developer and visual artist based in the Monterey California area. Born and raised in the culturally rich Salinas Valley, Rafa (a Mexican-American with a great fashion-sense, devilishly good looks, and a charm that has the ladies swooning) has thrived in his artistic endeavors and has always aimed to explore the human subconscious through imagination and aesthetic design with practices inspired by the early surrealist movements. Constantly striving to explore new avenues of art and modern culture, 8bit shifts his focus to interactive mediums.


His most recent self-imposed challenge consists of striving for an ambitious goal of 50 games in about a years time (about a game a week in 2018). Most of his games are drawn and programmed himself and many include original sound design and musical composition of his own as well. 

Latest Games

Featured Games

Super 8-bit Collection 2018
2018 collection logo.png

A collection of some of the retro inspired game's created by Mythicaly-Awesome Super 8-Bit Rafa. 50 unbelievable games made in 2018 and these are the greatest hits! Play updated versions of your favorite Super8bitRafa arcade, sidescroller, platformer, shmup, and so much more! This collection spans over a dozen games and includes both 2D and 3D games! Available soon!


Follow the platforming quest of a unicorn in search of color in this 1-bit adventure. Relive the glory of the retro console era in the spirit of the classic Atari while experiencing heart-pounding platforming and shoot 'em up action. Prepare for an arcade delight with tight controls, refreshing game mechanics, cracking retro art and an addictive soundtrack.

Camelot Crawl k icon.png
Camelot Crawl

Your main weapon is a sword that reflects projectiles. You play as Crawl, a master of the ancient art of reflection, as he fights his way through the evil Camelot Court.


Wanna lend a hand?

Artists / Musicians / Programmers

I am always looking to collaborate and work with new people and artists. A game is a big job that encompasses many arts and could always use a hand. Maybe you want to see how games are made, maybe you just wanna test the games before they come out, maybe you are tired of my bad music and wanna advertise your own. Whatever the case please contact me bellow. Lets do this together.


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Monetary donations are always welcome! I am a starving artist after all! If you donate money I will give you some sort of added perk, like original art, free games etc. Support a good cause... me.

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Contact Me

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